SIPC At a Glance


Senior Management


Southern Illinois Power Cooperative is a generation and transmission cooperative providing wholesale electric power to seven member distribution cooperatives and two wholesale customers in Illinois. Annual revenues are $200 million and assets are approaching $1 billion. SIPC owns coal fired and natural-gas fired generation plants which are located in Williamson and Washington Counties, Illinois. In addition SIPC has long-term power contracts for hydro in the TVA region and wind located in Paxton, Illinois. With cooperatives and customers located throughout the southern portion of Illinois, it owns and operates over 900 miles of high-voltage transmission and multiple substations.

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SIPC member cooperatives provide electricity to over 100,000 end-use customers. The service area is primarily residential and agricultural although some members have seen increased load from the resurgence of the local coal industry. Total population served approximates 250,000 people.


SIPC is directed by a 28 member Board. Each member distribution cooperative is represented by their general manager and three of their directors. The Board meets monthly. Click here for a listing of our Board of Directors.