Mission, Vision, Values


Southern Illinois Power Cooperative is committed to getting the most value from its Members' investment through sound management practices. SIPC's vision and mission statements reflect this concept of value, and SIPC strives continually to take that concept to the next level.

Mission Statement

SIPC is a member-owned and locally controlled autonomous electric power supply system. As such, its mission is: "To deliver to our member systems, highly reliable, reasonably-priced and environmentally responsible wholesale power, for the benefit of their members and their communities."

Vision Statement

"That our members benefit from their ownership in SIPC - a financially sound, highly reliable, reasonably-priced electric power supply system with a cost-effective, diversified portfolio of generation and transmission assets that they own and control."


"We, the people of SIPC (Board of Directors, management and staff), pledge to demonstrate the following values, beliefs, principles and standards of professional behavior as we fulfill the duties of our positions:

  1. Impeccable integrity and honesty in all that we do.
  2. Full and open accountability for all of our decisions and actions.
  3. Dedicated stewardship (social, economic and environmental) in the management of all the resources entrusted to our care.
  4. Equitable rates for power and services that truly reflect costs.
  5. Sensitivity to impacts of rate changes on our member systems.
  6. Open and transparent communications with our members.
  7. Respect for and responsiveness to the needs of each member while considering the impact of actions on other members.
  8. Leadership, innovation and vision in securing and maintaining control over generation resources and transmission services.
  9. Respect and goodwill toward one another in support of cooperative unity.
  10. Loyalty to the philosophy of cooperative ownership and adherence to cooperative principles."