Electrical Systems Department


The Electrical Systems Department has the responsibility of scheduling and forecasting the power that SIPC’s 7 member-systems require for meeting the needs of their more than 90,000 member-consumers. Through coal-fired generation, SEPA allocations, Natural Gas Combustion Turbines and the wholesale market, SIPC strives to provide economical wholesale power to the 7 member-systems and two municipals.

In addition to providing the power needs of its member-systems, SIPC also can sell excess power from its generators to offset margin requirements from the member-systems. The sale of this excess power in 2007 resulted in more than $3 million in margins above the cost of the power and any other transmission related costs.

SIPC is a member and part owner of Aces Power Marketing (APM), which is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. APM serves as the market participant in the MISO market for SIPC and also provides risk mitigation and power supply portfolio modeling services.

SIPC was one of the original signatory members of MISO. MISO implemented its wholesale electricity market on April 1, 2005. Through APM, SIPC has spent considerable time and effort in the training necessary to be a registered participant and prepare for the market’s demands. SIPC is participating in both the hourly and day ahead markets.

SIPC is currently a member of the Southeastern Reliability Council (SERC). SIPC spends many hours on systems and operations compliance requirements to continue to meet the recently revised reliability standards issued by North American Electric Reliability Council (NERC).

Transmission and Systems operations at SIPC deals with a variety of projects in building, operating, and maintaining its 862 miles of transmission lines, 15 substations, and 13 communication systems that deliver power and other services to its member-systems. In some instances, large projects can require additional manpower that is not needed full time. Projects can require special expertise that is sometimes not available on staff. Teaming with outside resources proves to be efficient and cost effective for our member-systems. SIPC will also team with its member-systems on certain types of transmission operations’ projects when it is the most effective method for all. A number of efforts are underway that keep SIPC’s Transmission and Systems team running full speed. These efforts include transmission line expansions, system reliability improvements, and maintenance projects.

SIPC continues its normal transmission and system maintenance and operations efforts. These included inspecting and treating 80 miles of transmission line and the change out or reinforcement of about 20 rejected wood poles. Air patrol and spraying on the transmission system is completed annually. SIPC continues to focus on Vegetation management on the transmission system.

Twenty-nine substation and communication backup battery banks are tested and maintained. Testing and overhauling occurred on several 69 kV, 138 KV, and 161 kV power circuit breakers. Testing and maintenance was performed on several transformers, meters, protective relays, line switches, and power line carriers.