Environmental & Fuels Department


Environmental Department

The SIPC Environmental Department manages the company’s compliance with all environmental laws and regulations in a consistent and responsible manner. These goals are accomplished by advising the Board of Directors, CEO, and Staff of ways to address new regulations, or how to mitigate situations of environmental concern. The department includes Wendell Watson, Environmental Manager and Jason McLaurin, Environmental Coordinator.

Southern Illinois Power Cooperative complies with all air, land, water, and hazardous waste regulations. Such rules typically require tasks such as continuous air emission monitoring; monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting; and daily plant monitoring. Over the last fifteen years, SIPC has reduced sulfur dioxide emissions from their coal-fired boilers over 75% and nitrogen oxide emissions over 70%. Southern Illinois Power Cooperative is proud to prove that a coal-fired electricity generator can be cost effective and a good environmental steward.

Coal Combustion Residuals (CCR) Rule Compliance Data and Information


This website is intended to satisfy the requirement under the CCR Rule (section 257.107) to maintain a publically accessible internet site (CCR website) containing the information specified in that section. The required information will be posted when it is accomplished and is available.

If you have questions regarding SIPC’s compliance with these rules, please leave a message for the Environmental Department.

2018 Annual Groundwater Monitoring and Corrective Action Report

Loaction Restriction Unstable Areas

Location Restriction Fault Areas

Location Restriction Uppermost Aquifer

Location Restriction Wetlands

Location Seismic Impact Zones

Assessment Monitoring Program Notification

SIPC Statistical Approach for the Evaluation of Groundwater Monitoring Data for the CCR Management Area

2017 Annual Groundwater Monitoring and Corrective Action Report

Groundwater Wells Notice

CCR Fugitive Dust Plan

Landfill Closure Notification

Engineering Report and H & H Capacity Assessments

Emery Pond CCR Emergency Action Plan